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Board Officers & Member Roles

** Applications are now closed **

Please use this information to decide on whether you wish to submit an application to run for the role of either President or regular Board Member. Remember – the club is always looking for volunteers, so even if you don’t wish to run for a Board role, please get in touch anyway to discuss how the club would need your help. A copy of our bylaws can be downloaded from this link here.

Board Officers

  • President:
    • Requirements for a minimum of two years Board service before running for this position.
  • Other Board Officer roles:
    • Vice President
    • Secretary & Archive Coordinator
    • Treasurer/Disbursements

Board Member Roles:

  • Communications
    • Plans all email communications to members.
    • Compiles email text and images.
    • Maintains email database.
  • Website
    • Maintains the Audi Club GA website.
    • Ensures the club website is up-to-date with the latest Audi drive (event) information and club news.
    • Maintains club sponsor recognition.
  • Social Media
    • Maintains the club Facebook and Instagram pages.
    • Ensures the latest posts or stories or videos are uploaded in a timely manner.
    • Ensures adequate sponsorship coverage for club sponsors.
    • Replies to social media inquiries and comments.
  • Membership
    • Determine ways to maintain interaction with club membership database.
    • Reviews current membership and expiring membership to determine ways to renew and remind to renew.
  • ACNA Liaison
    • Primary point of contact for the club and ACNA (Audi Club North America).
    • Ensures Audi Club GA is updated on the latest bylaws, Audi corporate, and ACNA related club news and events.
  • Four Rings Liaison
    • Audi Club GA main point of contact between the club and the local Audi Four Rings enthusiasts group.
    • Coordinates events between the two clubs.
    • Promotes Audi Club GA membership and events.

Board Member Committees.

A club committee must be chaired by a Board member and can include active club members.

  • QDM (Quattro de Mayo)
    • Assists with the planning of Audi Club GA’s premier, annual event.
    • As the club’s premier event, all Board members are strongly advised to attend.
    • Board members attending must stay onsite at the club event hotel.
  • HelenBack
    • Assists with planning one of the club’s most popular, annual events, Helenback.
    • Coordinates and plans the host hotel.
    • Helps with the Event drive lead planning, which includes recon, drive route development, and lunch stops.
  • Audi Club GA Annual Banquet
    • Assists with the planning and implementation of the club’s annual banquet.
    • Helps coordinate the banquet with the chosen vendor, including all aspects related to menus, attendance, paperwork, and invoices.
  • Fundraising or grant writer.
  • Drive Planning & Routing
    • Route planning for monthly drive events as determined by annual drive schedule.
    • Includes drive recon and lunch stop planning and coordinating payment.